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Download huronOS

Warning: huronOS cannot be installed by burning the ISO image on a device as other regular distros would do. Please follow our installation guide to install huronOS correctly.

Current Version

huronOS Queue 0.4
MD5 Sum9ad2afe4980965c8b6b92fa00b8813d5
Sha 256 Sumb9d530bc7e5b862de9e20c6ce1690ab90f993c6bfa7b44655234708f4e06b2e9


Want better download speeds? Check out the huronOS mirrors to choose a one closer to you!

huronOSCDMX, Mexico


If you want to check all the historical versions of huronOS not available in our mirrors, check out our archive. Here you'll find experimental builds, released images and build-number based images.

Become a mirror!

Please, notify us when setting up a mirror of huronOS! You can reach out via discord, or email to:

- equetzal [at]
- dcena [at]

To mirror, please use the url rsync://